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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food Talk: Cosmetics, Obsessions and Magazines

Recently I've been constantly hungry. I have my ups and downs when it involves my urge to eat, and right now its at a high. Duduk sekejap je, rasa nak makan. (^_^). So it's only appropriate that I blog about food.

Recently, I've come across my latest obsession. I discovered this during an outing with my good friends Imran and Isky. We were planning to eat ice cream, when Imran suggested that we buy Twix and have it with Ice cream. "Sedap siot", "Gila ape makan ice cream dgn Coklat Bar?", "Tak nak sudah, don't expect to get any of this later. Ni aku punya je. It's awesome". Of course I'm para-phrasing but still the manic look he had was convincing enough. So I bought it. And memang sedap gileeee. Now I'm hooked. Not really sure what that means for my weight though. But hell who cares.

The next thing is probably a bit of nit picking, but hey it annoys me. If you've been to Old Town recently, you probably noticed that it has a new menu. That menu pisses me off. Its all glossy and shinny, but it's everything a menu should not be. It's more like a magazine. Fist thing that I said when I got the menu was, "Benda ni takde isi kandungan atau index ke?". Nak carik my favorite drink pun susah. I mean c'moooon, a single item takes up a whole page. A menu is suppose to be compact, clear and attractive. Part attractive tu mmg tercapai, but looking for something is a pain. They have a picture for all the drinks. ALL. And they all look the same. Waste of space. Kesian pokok2 dikorban kan. =(

Anyway, that's it from me. Excuse me while I proceed to drink and devour something.

Blogging off...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sweet Addition to the Family

I've always been fascinated on how cute babies are. I always wonder whether the undeniable thought of babies being irresistibly cute has been somehow hardwired in our brain. Or it could be a simple yet ingenious design devised by mother nature to protect it's young ones. In other words, a self defense mechanism.

You might be thinking, what's with the baby talk? Well the reason is that my family has been blessed with an additional member. A cute toddler with the name of Jazmin. As a proud uncle, I'd say she is pretty impressive for a girl her age. She isn't the fussy type and despite her very limited vocab, a girl who has a akin for chatter. Though most of the conversations degrade in to high pitch screams, I find it amusing nonetheless. Also, her liking for the AFC does somewhat put hopes that she'll someday become a world re-known chef. Scouring the world looking for the latest flavor to introduce commercially to the world.

I do admit she has a long way to go, the path littered with obstacles; the upcoming ones being crawling, walking and a few instances of building coherent sentences. But so far she is off to a wonderful start.

Blogging off....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I need to remember!

Here are a few reminders to myself when buying anything electronic!

1. Always plan your protection plan before actively using any product. Keep all the plastic on, until you get some good protection material.
2. Try avoid anything glossy, matte is better.
3. Remember and accept you are OCD when it involves electronics! Going around without protection is NOT cool.
4. Attempts to restore anything, usually end up making it worse. Fight the urge and let it be...

Fuuuuh.. try to remember that before you make your next 2k purchase. (-_-)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Job Opportunities in Nokia Siemens Network

Development Engineer

Main Purpose of the Role and Key Responsibilities: To understand the functionality of the existing C software in order to be able to correct software bugs as well as to develop new features.

Requirements: * Deep knowledge in C programming
* Capability and willingness to understand complex existing code
* Understand system behaviors and requirements of the area of responsibility
* Analyze problems/features and provide design proposal for correction/implementation
* Implement the software change/enhancement with high quality
* Test implemented software change This is a role which requires besides a strong technical background the drive to provide high quality code.
Personal Attributes: Essential Skills:
* C Programming
* Previous experience in telecommunications network elements
* Good knowledge of UNIX
* Excellent written and spoken English
Desirable Skills:
* Knowledge of LDAP, X500, GSM, GPRS, IMS
* Knowledge of troubleshooting methodologies
Essential Attributes:
* Ability to comprehend technically complex problems
* Proactive, Methodical, Organized, Enthusiastic, Eager to learn, Proud of own work,
* Ability to communicate with people clearly in a multi-site environment

Testing Engineer

Main Purpose of the Role and Key Responsibilities: To ensure that as part of a team the testing of each software release is to the highest standard within given time scales and to report any problems that may be found. The test coverage is based around functional as well as non-functional areas (incl. performance, robustness, stability) of large systems simulating live system scenarios. A major task is to automate test cases in order to minimize the effort necessary for retesting.

Requirements: * Understand system behaviors and requirements of the area of responsibility
* Write Test Plans to validate the expected system functionality
* Write Test Cases and Test Scripts
* Execution of the Test Cases
* Raise faults when appropriate
* Write Test Reports
* Setup test lab

Personal Attributes: Essential Skills:
* Previous experience testing telecommunications network elements
* Good knowledge of UNIX and Shell Scripting.
* Excellent written and spoken English
Desirable Skills:
* Knowledge of troubleshooting methodologies
* Knowledge of LDAP, X500, GSM, GPRS, IMS and Perl
* Performance testing on TCP/IP based applications and Solaris OS Platforms
Essential Attributes:
* Ability to see and comprehend the big picture
* Proactive, Methodical, Organized, Enthusiastic, Eager to learn, Proud of own work,
* Ability to communicate with people clearly in a multi-site environment

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Slowly and gently he takes of his glasses, the creases on his forehead begin to ease as though a huge burden has been lifted. Positioning both of his hands close to his head, he starts to massage both temples with his thumbs hoping to subside the pain. As expected, futile. Like waves that come a go, so does the pulsing pain. He snaps his head right, then left. A satisfying crack fills the air with each movement and slowly he whispers...."damn"...

Blogging off....

Another template update!

OK, nothing to see here people. Just updated my blog template again and testing out my twitter feed.

Blogging off.... 

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Strength can be a difficult thing to measure. It's the hardest to quantify.

Does persistence and perseverance seem to an observer as a virtue, or seen as just plain stubbornness?

Where does the line between bravery and stupidity lie? Is standing up for a complete stranger, an act of courage or an annoying habit of 'busy-body'ness?

If strength is continuous optimism, is pessimism an escape, or a realistic view on life?

And does expressing things on a blog such as this, a sign of openness, or a sad attempt to make a mark in the real world?

No one can be exactly sure, since the world is full of steel like self-justification and unavoidable barrage of criticism from so many different colors of the spectrum.

Do you consider yourself strong? Honestly believe that you have enough willpower to last you a lifetime? If you genuinely do, then you can consider yourself lucky...

Blogging off....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Agile

Recently in my company they've introduced a new software development methodology called "Agile". This is totally the opposite of the traditional waterfall and milestone cycle that is rampantly used by most companies.

The idea is simple, rather than specifying requirements for the final product upfront and having huge milestones that span long periods of time, "Agile" works by providing deliverable products in shorter cycles called sprints (2 to 4 weeks). What this means for customers is that they will have a bare-bone functional product to sample and then have the flexibility to specify more requirements with each additional sprint.

It's an exciting concept in theory since the customer will end up with a product with functions that really matter since the amount of customer hands-on will increase their involvement in development. However, getting use to the idea of people knowing your progress every sprint needs some getting used to.

Management people out there, look it up. It's an excellent way to bolster the potential of your organization! Or that's what they say at least.

Here's to being guinea pigs to experimental management techniques!

Hey boring as this maybe... It is educational... I think.

Blogging off....

Finally, updated my layout

Wow, after maintaining the same look for the blog for about 6 years, I've finally managed to update the layout. It looks a bit more appealing now. Definitely not my design, but hey it's a start. Looks pretty nice though. :)

Blogging off....

Friday, September 04, 2009

The blog is open again

My previous attempt was a pile of bull. So, this is my second attempt to get it running again. Facebook as been taking too much of my time that I've been ignoring most of the blogs I maintained.

I allow myself moments of absolute laziness. But each streak has to end. I'm going to dedicate my free time in utilizing my mixer and my Bamboo in these couple of weeks.

Blogging off....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting to blog again... An attempt of course...

Thought of writing and making this my personal blog. More of an online journal of sort. Thus, making it by invitation.

Will write more later. Trying to figure out who to send invitations though? hahaha... oh well. The inner circle first I guess.

Blogging off....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tears of a true gentlemen

Almost cried watching this. Tread on soldier, tread on.

Blogging off....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Watch this you toads! SF Glory!

In the spirit of the new-realeased SF4. I present to you, the coolest SF movie remaking eva!

Blogging off....

A Gentle Cut Throat Reminder for Myself

1. Never trust salesmen.
2. Never spend on something by impulse. Think and then Buy. When in doubt think some more.
3. Always but something from a authorized seller. "It's cheaper here than in the store" line is a bunch of crap.
4. If there is a time limit on the offer and it translates to"Buy Now! or regret", you better walk away.
5. Buying from recommendation is encouraged. Use the internet.
6. Constantly have a mental check on where your phone, keys and wallet are.
7. Never try to answer the phone when actively playing a sport. Tennis for example.

In nutshell, stop being a gullible piece of meat. This month has been bad. Sigh...

Blogging off....
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